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Tok'ra Kree!
Challenge community focusing on the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1
Masterlist of Prompts, Round 9! (Part 2/2) 
15th-May-2016 16:07
We got a lot of prompts for this round, enough that they didn't all fit in one post. So here are the prompts for Any Show, SGA, the Lost Colony, and crossovers. Claims for those are to be made in this post, while claims for SG-1 are to be made in the original post.

Any Show, Any Character
001. Any show, any Tok'ra, add any Tok'ra to an episode that does not have Tok'ra. How is the episode changed?
002. Any show, any, any Tok'ra, a Tok'ra ship crashed on Earth centuries ago, and it turns out those onboard survived. What happened to them? Did they get new hosts as the years passed? Did they stick themselves in stasis jars? Die somewhere in secret? Who were they? Perhaps they had found a daughter of Egeria and she and several other Tok'ra are alive and in hiding on Earth and have not heard of the Stargate program. How do the SGC find out about them? Or are they approached by the Tok'ra?
003. Any show, Any, Someone goes back in time and alters the timeline. As a result, some individuals (including Tok’Ra) that died in the “original” timeline are alive. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and roses as other people who were alive are now dead due to the deviations in the timeline. Can the person responsible for the alterations in the timeflow live with these changes? Will he/she try to return things to as they were before?
004. Any show, any, the Ori plague is ravaging Earth, and they have not found the cure. The Tok'ra offer to make a few of the surviving Earth biochemists and doctors hosts, so they can survive (symbiotes can cure the plague) and continue working for a cure for the rest of humans.

Any Show, Specific Character(s)
005. Any show, Samantha Carter|Jolinar, When Sam encounters an ascended being (Oma Desala? Orlin? Chaya Sar? Ascended Daniel? Someone else?) the being resurrects Jolinar within Sam. At first it's unclear why this was done but soon Jolinar's knowledge/experience proves vital in solving a looming crisis.

Stargate Atlantis - Any Character(s)
183. SGA, any, any Tok'ra, Atlantis get a couple of Tok'ra in an attempt to see if the healing device can do anything for people who have been fed on.
184. SGA, Any, When exploring the mainland the Atlantis Expedition discovers crystalline tunnels that resemble the ones used by the Tok'Ra, except these ones date back to the time of the Ancient-Wrath War. How did the tunnels get there and who built them? What does the expedition discover inside them? Do they request help from the Tok'Ra to solve this mystery?

Stargate Atlantis - Specific Character(s)
185. SGA, Elizabeth Weir|any Tok'ra, Elizabeth became a host prior to becoming the leader of the Atlantis Expedition. Rewrite of any episode.

186. SGA, John Sheppard, Marshall Sumner|any Tok'ra, Colonel Sumner became a host prior to becoming the military leader of the Atlantis Expedition. Does Sheppard know his CO is a host and if he does will he try to save the symbiote after killing Sumner?

187. SGA, John Sheppard|any Tok'ra, due to an agreement between the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra at least two people going on the Atlantis Expedition has to be either Tok'ra or take a symbiote. Being the last person to join, and due to his black mark, he has to become a host in order to go on the Expedition.

188. SGA, Ronon Dex, during a visit to Earth Ronon is shot with a staff weapon and is dying. At least one Tok'ra is also on the mission and the host is also mortally wounded. Does Ronon accept the symbiote?

189. SGA, Samantha Carter, While Sam is in Atlantis something happens to trigger Jolinar’s memories

190. SGA, Samantha Carter|Egeria, Sam became host to the Tok'ra Queen in "Cure", but in an attempt to hide her continued existence from the Goa'uld very few are told of her real identity (or even that Sam is a host). Years later they are sent to Atlantis as the new Expedition Leader, either as an extra measure to hide the Queen or in order to hide that she is finally healthy enough to breed.

191. SGA, Team Sheppard, a Team Sheppard comes through the Stargate from another reality and all four of them are Tok'ra hosts.

Stargate Atlantis - Pairings - Slash
192. SGA, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, when they agreed to this mission neither one of them thought they would be sitting in the Tok'ra Tunnels trying to explain DADT to a group of Tok'ra.

Stargate Atlantis - Pairings - Het
193. SGA, John Sheppard(|any Tok'ra) /or& Nancy Sheppard|any Tok'ra, when Ba'al was hiding on Earth at least one of the symbiotes he brought with him was a Tok'ra and she/he is implanted into Nancy. They manage to avoid being captured when Ba'al is found and killed/captured. Years later Nancy meets up with her ex-husband, does she/they tell him (or did he already know if they were still married when she was snaked)? Can be set either after "Outcast" or "Enemy At The Gate".

194. SGA, John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, how would they react if one of them became a host?

195. SGA, John Sheppard|Anise, John found Atlantis' "voice" to be soothing, but his new symbiote found it disturbing. Especially as it sounded distorted to her.

Stargate the Lost Colony
196. Stargate the Lost Colony, anyone, I want to hear more about the Milky Way Tok'ra meeting Egeria's daughter Eschel when she comes back!
197. Stargate the Lost Colony, anyone, let's hear about all the little snakelets and maybe some of them get hosts in the Milky Way or in Atlantis!

198. Crossover, SG-1/any, any|Egeria, the Tok'ra Queen either wasn't captured by Ra or she escaped somehow. At some point she ended up on Earth, later realizing there was no way off the planet. She's done her best to survive hoping for a chance to be reunited with her fellow Tok'ra in the future. Who is her current host and how does she meet up with the SGC and/or the Tok'ra?

199. Crossover, SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers|Egeria, Egeria wasn't on Pangar, instead she was in a canopic jar in Shadow Valley Vineyards outside Sunnydale where the Slayer's Scythe was hidden. During the battle between Buffy and the Potentials versus the Turok-Han Buffy is thrown into the canopic jar and it breaks. Once out of the jar Egeria instinctively takes Buffy as her host, but quickly hides her presence and doesn't reveal herself until later. Post-Chosen everyone but Buffy|Egeria and Faith are dead, and only those Potentials in Sunnydale were Called. The two Slayers head for Colorado Springs and the Stargate. How does SG-1 and the people at the SGC react to having a California girl claiming to be the host of the missing Tok'ra Queen, and them being in the company of a wanted fugitive?

200. Crossover, SG-1/SGA/The Walking Dead(/any fandom(s)), any, when the infection hits and starts spreading the President makes the decision to bury/enclose the Stargate in order to contain the outbreak and stop it from spreading to other planets. He also orders the Mountain to be sealed shut. Meanwhile a number of people from Atlantis are on Earth, as are several Tok'ra. After leaving the Mountain do they run into any of the TWD people?
201. Crossover, SG-1/SGA/The Walking Dead(/any fandom(s)), Samantha Carter|Jolinar or Egeria, Janet Frasier|any Tok'ra, Carolyn Lam|any Tok'ra, Cassandra Frasier|any Tok'ra, any, X number of people from the SGC took a symbiote in an attempt to survive the zombie infection. Are Rick's group willing to take in/join their group with a bunch of military people, including two M.D.'s? And are there other survivors from the SGC/Atlantis somewhere?
4th-Jun-2016 17:46 (UTC)
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