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Tok'ra Kree!
Challenge community focusing on the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1
Posting instructions - round 6 
17th-Feb-2015 13:25
Posting for round 6 is now open!

Posting of your fanwork can happen anytime from today and until March 2nd, 2015. (midnight your timezone).

You may post your fic/art/video/podfic directly to the community, or you may post it to your journal, personal website, an archive, etc. and then post the link(s) here along with a header containing at least: title, characters, pairing (if any), genre/category, summary, warnings (if any). You can copy the contents of this textbox and use:

Please place all stories posted directly to the community behind a cut. Artwork more than 300x150 should also be behind a cut, with a preview above.

Additional voluntary information:

  • You may add information to the header (author notes, beta credit, acknowledgments, disclaimer, etc.) but please don't remove any of the items listed or otherwise change the order of the requested information. Thank you!

  • We also encourage you to post your fic to our AO3 collection and/or to Symbiotica. This will make sure that the fanwork is protected from deleted/locked journals :)

  • Author/artist/podficcer tags will be added to the entries by the moderators if you don't have one, but please fill in the other tags yourself. If you need another tag, just add it to the bottom of your post and we will add it.


You may continue to claim prompts and create new fanworks for the entire posting period, as long as you can get it finished for posting before March 2nd.

Requirements for fanworks are:

  • Authors

    • Stories should be min. 500 words.

  • Artists, one of the below

    • 1 banner, which should be at least: 500x150.

    • 1 large piece of art, at least 600x400.

    • 1 picspam containing at least 20 pics.

    • 1 iconset or gifset, containing at least 5 icons/gifs.

    • 1 comic, which should be finished/have a finished story.

    • If you choose to create headers for our community (thank you!), there are the following extra rules:

      • Size must be 1200x350.

      • The name of the community, "TOK'RA KREE" must be found somewhere on the header.

      • If 2 or fewer headers are created during a round, they will be added to the headers that are currently in rotation. Note that this is in total, i.e. by one or more persons. It does not mean one person must create a specific number.

      • If 3 or more headers are created during a round, they will be used exclusively until next round, at which point more will possibly be added or substituted. Note that this is in total, i.e. by one or more persons. It does not mean one person must create a specific number.

  • Vidders

    • Vids should be at least 30 seconds.

  • Podficcers

    • The story you podfic should have at least 1000 words

    • You need to either obtain permission from the author of the fic or pick a fic from an author who has given blanket permission to podfic. (List on fanlore) (Short list of Tok'ra authors).

    • Recognizing that there are not that many Tok'ra fics and that it may be hard to find a prompt that fit the fic you'd like to podfic, we allow any fics with a word count of at least 1000 words and that is either Tok'ra-centric or with a major positive Tok'ra presence.

Further info in the rules and the FAQ.
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