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Canon Goa'uld, part I 
14th-Jan-2013 01:18
This post contains a list (with some descriptions) of canon Goa'uld. All episodes below are from SG-1, unless otherwise noted.

Some information taken from Gateworld, as well as from various transcripts.

Symbols found by googling - no owner/creator was included, but if you recognize one as having been created by you, tell us and we will give credit or remove it. The actual symbols were seen on the shows, usually on Jaffa, but the black and white symbols below have been 'niced up' by someone. Some Goa'uld does not have their own symbol, but use that of their overlord on their Jaffa, most do, but there are many where we simply do not know the symbols.

List is continued in Canon Goa'uld, part II

Symbiote Known Hosts Pictures Information Status (main universe) Episodes
Unknown Adrian Conrad The host, Adrian Conrad, was a wealthy business owner who was dying from a rare, incurable illness. He had gotten his hands on a Goa'uld, and knowing about the symbiotes healing abilities, he was determined to use these abilities to save his life. He kidnapped Samantha Carter, since she had been host to a symbiote, wishing to do experiments on her and determine if the symbiote could be removed after implantation. He ended up implanted himself, and the symbiote predictably took control, though it did heal him. Adrian Conrad never again had control of his body. The Goa'uld - name unknown - tried to bargain with the NID to get passage away from Earth. The Goa'uld (and his host) was later killed when trying to escape on the hijacked Prometheus. Dead S05xE11: Desperate Measures, S05xE14: 48 Hours, S06xE11: Prometheus
Unknown Charles Kawalsky The host, Charles Kawalsky, was a member of the US Air Force, working with Jack O'Neill. He had been on the first mission to Abydos, and later became commander of SG-2, and went to Chulak on the first mission after the Stargate was reopened.
During the escape back from that planet, an immature symbiote jumped from its dead Jaffa, and into Kawalsky. Since the symbiote was immature, it could not control him completely, and Kawalsky sometimes surfaced. It was attempted to remove the symbiote, but it failed, and both host and symbiote were killed when Teal'c and O'Neill stopped the Goa'uld from going through the Stargate.
Dead S01xE01: Children of the Gods I & II, S01xE02: The Enemy Within (host is seen in more  episodes and the first movie)
Unknown Kianna Cyr The host is a Langaran, like Jonas Quinn. The symbiote - name unknown - had taken her over in order to work as a research assistant to Jonas Quinn, and so gain intelligence about the naquadria project. She was officially in service of Ba'al, arriving to the planet Langara in order to learn why Anubis was interested in the planet. She intended to keep the naquadria and build a mighty empire. She fell in love with Jonas Quinn. She seems to have been a somewhat unusual Goa'uld, perhaps someone who could have started to question the Goa'uld way, and maybe become Tok'ra. She died from toxic fumes, and decided to let her host survive. Dead S07x14: Fallout
Unknown Steven Caldwell The host is a Colonel, and Commander of Earth's battlecruiser Daedalus. At some point, the Trust (under Ba'al's control), had implanted Steven Caldwell with a Goa'uld. We do not know his name, but the Goa'uld may have been in Steven Caldwell for quite some time. Eventually, he is discovered, when the people of Atlantis searches everywhere for a bomb the Trust has planted on Atlantis, on order not to risk the Wraith going to the Milky Way. The Goa'uld symbiote is beamed out of Steven Caldwell, by precision beamed performed by Hermiod. Presumably, they killed the Goa'uld afterwards. Probably dead SGA S02xE13: Critical Mass
Amaterasu Unknown Amaterasu were the Japanese Sun goddess in Earth mythology. The Goa'uld Amaterasu seems to have styled herself partially from Japanese culture. She was a System Lord, and among the delegates dispatched by the Goa'uld System Lords to visit Earth and try to convince the Tau'ri to use their Ancient weapon (on Antarctica) to defeat Ba'al.
Amaterasu may be alive, though since the Tok'ra say (in Continuum) that Ba'al is the last Goa'uld System Lords, she is at the very least disposed, and most likely dead.
Unknown S08xE01: New Order I, S08xE02: New Order II, Mentioned in S08xE16: Reckoning I, Mentioned in S09xE13: Ripple Effect
Amaunet Sha're

Amaunet is Apophis's beloved Goa'uld queen. She took the wife of Daniel Jackson, Sha're, as her host.
Amaunet and Apophis had a son, Shifu, who, as the child of two hosts (and two symbiotes), was harcesis and so carried their genetic memory. Apophis intended for Shifu to be his host, but he was saved by the Ancient Oma Desala.
Amaunet (and Sha're) were killed by Teal'c, with a staff weapon, when Amaunet was about to kill Daniel Jackson.
Dead S01xE01: Children of the Gods I & II, S02xE09: Secrets, S03xE10: Forever in a Day

Unknown (Jim?) Anubis was one of the most powerful and dangerous Goa'uld in history. Once a powerful System Lord, Anubis was banished by the other System Lords for 'unspeakable actions'. No one knows what is evil enough to be unspeakable even to the Goa'uld, but it cannot be good!
He was believed to have been destroyed, but managed to escape and trick Oma Desala into helping him to ascend. When the Ancients learned how evil he was, they tried to force him to descend again, but only partially succeed, leaving him in an 'in-between' and non-corporeal state. Because of his knowledge of the Ancients, Anubis has amassed unimaginable advanced technologies.
He has a son, Khalek (half Anubis's DNA, half Anubis's host's DNA?)
Alive, but locked in eternal battle with Oma Desala S05xE22: Revelations, S06xE01: Redemption I, S06xE22: Full Circle, S07xE01: Fallen, S07xE02: Homecoming, S07xE12: Evolution II, S07xE21: Lost City I, S07xE22: Lost City II, S08xE03: Lockdown, S08xE16: Reckoning I, S08xE18: Threads

Unknown Apophis is a relatively powerful Goa'uld System Lord. He has had the same host for between 2300-3500 years, since his host was a scribe at the temple of Amon at Karnak, and that is the time period that was active.
At some point in the past, Apophis joined the battle against the Tok'ra Jolinar, causing her to lose the battle, her forces to be destroyed, and her to flee.
Apophis was one of the most powerful enemies of the Tau'ri and a personal enemy of SG-1. After his power was broken and he was captured by Sokar and held as a prisoner on Netu, he managed to use the opportunity created by the arrival of O'Neill, Daniel, Sam, and Martouf/Lantash, to first take command of Netu, then kill Sokar and take over his fleet, becoming more powerful than most other Goa'uld since Ra. He had someone gathered uncanny amounts of information about O'Neill, Daniel, Sam, and Martouf/Lantash.
Apophis was first seen in the SG-1 pilot 'The Children of the Gods', were he was 'shopping' for hosts for his queen, Amaunet, whom he loves deeply. He has at least two sons, Klorel and Shifu. Shifu is harcesis - the human (really hybrid) child of two hosts and two symbiotes, carrying the genetic memories of both symbiotes.
Apophis was presumably dead when his replicator-infested ship crashed on Delmak.
Probably dead S01xE01: Children of the Gods, S01xE08: The Nox, S01xE16: Cor-ai, S01xE22: Within the Serpent's Grasp, S02xE01: The Serpent's Lair, S02xE08: Family, S02xE09: Secrets, S02xE17: Serpent's Song, S03xE06: Point of View (AU), S03xE09: Rules of Engagement (hologram), S03xE12: Jolinar's Memories, S03xE13: The Devil You Know, S04xE12: Tangent (voice), S04xE14: The Serpent's Venom, S04xE17: Absolute Power, S04xE22: Exodus, S05xE01: Enemies, S05xE02: Threshold, S06xE19: The Changeling (Teal'c's dreams), S08xE20: Moebius II (AU), Movies: Stargate: Continuum (AU)

Unknown A Goa'uld System Lord who controlled a relatively small amount of territory. His First Prime was Trelak. When the Replicators began to conquer Goa'uld domains in the Milky Way Galaxy the System Lords were forced to retreat into territory that they had essentially abandoned. The world where the Tok'ra had hid Maybourne - Arkhan's planet - fell under Ares's jurisdiction. Ares sent Trelak and a legion of Jaffa through the Stargate to check out the planet before he arrived. SG-1 arrived to extract Maybourne, after being warned by the Tok'ra. They disabling the Jaffa and used a Puddle Jumper they found to destroy Ares's ha'tak that was in orbit. Ares was probably killed with it. Probably dead S08xE13: It's Good to Be King
Athena Unknown Minor Goa'uld working for Ba'al and his right hand in the trust. She is on Earth, pretending to be Charlotte Mayfield, Vice President of a company called Farrow-Marshall. She (or just her host) met Samantha Carter, who did not sense a symbiote, so either Athena had not yet taken this host, or she was using a masking drug. She has previously been allied with Cronus, Camulus, Svarog, and Anubis. She also once worked together with Qetesh in order to find 'the Key to Infinite Treasure'. She believed Vala Mal Doran might carry this knowledge, and captured her and used a memory recall device on her to retrieve it. This failed. Probably alive S09xE07: Ex Deus Machina, S10xE08: Memento Mori

Unknown Ba'al was long one of the ordinary, average Goa'uld System Lords, but rose to power after joining forces with Anubis. After the fall of many of the Goa'uld at the hands of the Replicators, Ba'al was the only known surviving System Lord and was rebuilding his power, among other ways through using clones of himself and his host.
He was known to be devious, intelligent, and better able to think outside the box, than most Goa'uld System Lords. He is known to have used concealed explosives in gifts, when he felt he had been treated wrongly. He has no problems wiping out millions of people rather than lose them to a rival.
The last Ba'al clone (and last Goa'uld System Lord) was believed killed when he was extracted by the Tok'ra and crushed. Though I guess we can never be sure.
Dead? S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S06x06: Abyss, S07xE02: Homecoming, S07xE04: Orpheus, S07xE09: Avenger 2.0, S07xE14: Fallout, S08xE04: Zero Hour, S08xE16: Reckoning I, S08xE17: Reckoning II, S08xE18: Threads, S09xE07: Ex Deus Machina, S09xE14: Stronghold, S10xE04: Insiders, S10xE10: The Quest II, S10xE19: Dominion, Movies: Stargate: Continuum (It is unknown which of these appearances that are various clones)
Bastet Unknown One of the Goa'uld System Lords. Bastet united forces with the System Lord Kali, and the two made a treaty with the Goa'uld Sobek. Then, at the celebratory feast, they moved against him. Rumor has it that Sobek's head still decorates Bastet's palace in Bubastis. Bastet suffered heavy losses against Anubis and voted to allow the powerful Goa'uld among the System Lords. Killed, along with Olokun, by  Kull Warriors under the command of Ba'al. Dead S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, Mentioned as being killed in S08xE13: It's Good to Be King
Belus Unknown Belus was a Goa'uld System Lord who came to Earth 4000 years ago, as a conqueror. He came to Babylon, and there he fought the Oannes warrior Omoroca, mate of Nem, who had come to Earth to help humanity. Unknown S01xE13: Fire and Water (mentioned)
Bynarr Unknown Minor Goa'uld, who is an underling of Sokar, and in charge of Netu. Was seduced by Jolinar in order for her and her host Rosha to escape from the otherwise inescapable prison. Seems to have fallen in love with Jolinar, and now hates her for having betrayed him. Sokar punished him for Jolinar's escape - it is likely why Bynarr only has one eye when we see him later. He thinks Sam is still host to Jolinar when she arrives, and thanks Sokar for sending her back, so he can take his revenge. When he learns Jolinar is dead, and only her last host lives, he regrets not being able to avenge himself on Jolinar, but says that he will get some pleasure from killing her last host. Bynarr is killed by his first prime 'Neonak' who turns out to be Apophis, before he can kill Sam. Dead S03xE12: Jolinar's memories, S03xE13: The Devil You Know
Camulus Unknown Camulus was one of the Goa'uld System Lords. He was one of those who suggested the System Lords should request a formal meeting with the Tau'ri to discuss a treaty against Anubis, and was part of the delegation sent there. Camulus afterwards requested asylum on Earth since his armies had been decimated and he has nothing to go back to. Later, Ba'al demanded Camulus' life in exchange for SG-1, which he claimed he was holding prisoner. Camulus told the SGC that he had once bragged to the System Lords about holding a ZPM which was fifty percent charged. However, as Camulus couldn't figure out how to work it, he rigged the ZPM to detonate if exposed to an electrical current. General Jack O'Neill offered Camulus the chance to use a ZPM to kill Ba'al. However, Camulus was given a depleted ZPM. His fate after going into Ba'al's custody is unknown although it is assumed that Ba'al killed him. Probably dead S08xE01: New Order I, S08xE02: New Order II, S08xE04: Zero Hour, Movies: Stargate: Continuum (Alternate Timeline)

Unknown Cronus was a very powerful and influential Goa'uld System Lord. Teal'c's father was killed (in a slow and painful way) by Cronus, after ordering a necessary retreat. Teal'c and his mother were banished to Chulak, where Teal'c vowed to become First Prime of Apophis so that he could one day avenge his father (since Apophis was Cronus's enemy). Cronus was the Supreme System Lord who originally banished Sokar. (SG1: "Fair Game") Not only was Cronus an enemy of Teal'c, but also very much of the Tok'ra. He was the one that dispatched an ashrak to kill Jolinar.  Cronus was part of the delegation that came to Earth to negotiate for Earth's inclusion in the Asgard Protected planets treaty. Nirrti tried to created problems by attacking Cronus and making it look like it was Teal'c who had done so. Cronus was saved when Sam used the healing device on him (after having a hard time activating it, since the part of her that is Jolinar was holding him responsible for her death). Cronus was killed by the robot SG-1 created by Harlan. Dead S03xE03: Fair Game, S04xE04: Crossroads (Teal'c sees him in a vision created by Junior), S04xE21: Double Jeopardy, Movies: Stargate: Continuum
Grannus Unknown A minor Celtic god. Grannus was a Goa'uld lieutenant of Camulus. Presumably after Camulus's defeat, Grannus managed to get himself killed by his own Jaffa. A monastery is still maintained in his name, where the monks who remain are extremists now more than ever, since the god they worship is dead. Dead S09xE04: The Ties That Bind
Hathor Unknown Hathor was the mate (and daughter) of Ra and the mother to Heru'ur. She was stranded on Earth for thousands of years, imprisoned in her own sarcophagus somewhere in south or central America. She was awoken by archaeologists who found her sarcophagus. She sensed the presence of the Stargate thousands of miles away, and somehow travelled there (probably using her 'pink breath'/powerful drug to induce men to obey her). After a failed attempt to take over the SGC, using a powerful drug to make all men obey her, she left Earth to build her powerbase slowly, hiding for the other Goa'uld that she had returned. She seemed happy Ra had been killed, so she could take power on her own. She seduced to Daniel, in order to use some of his DNA to make her offspring more compatible with their future human hosts. She is a queen in both the royal sense and in the sense that she is the kind of Goa'uld that give birth to new Goa'uld larvae. She has a modified healing device, with which she is able to create Jaffa.
She later captured Sam, Daniel, and O'Neill, in order to gain knowledge about the Galaxy from them. The undercover Tok'ra hiding among Hathor's people sent a message to the other Tok'ra, who contacted the SGC, to inform them of where their people where. The Tok'ra inside Hathor's compound later helped SG-1 avoid implantation by a Goa'uld, and to escape. Hathor was plummeted into a cryogenic freezing chamber without a cryogenic freezing unit around her for protection, and so she probably died.
Probably dead S01xE13: Hathor, S02xE06: Thor's Chariot (mentioned), S02xE22: Out of Mind, S03xE01: Into the Fire

Unknown Heru'ur is the son of Hathor and Ra, and allied with Ra - he has Horus guards like his father. When he learned Thor's Hammer was gone, he attempted to attack the planet Cimmeria, but SG-1 succeeded in contacting Thor, incidentally initiating the contact between the Tau'ri and the Asgard. Heru'ur escaped, though the Jaffa he had brought were killed. Heru'ur, like Ra, was a bitter enemy of Apophis, and later tried to steal Shifu, the child of Apophis and Sha're/Amaunet. He failed, but SG-1 made sure he still got the blame when the child was hidden away. Despite all of this, Heru'ur attempted to ally with Apophis, but this was twarted by the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri, and Apophis destroyed Heru'ur's mothership and took his fleet. Heru'ur probably died when his mothership was blown up. Dead S02xE06: Thor's Chariot, S02xE09: Secrets, S04xE14: Serpent's Venom

Kytano Imhotep was credited with building the great pyramids - the landing platforms for Goa'uld ships. He was originally a minor Goa'uld of little importance, but he managed to use the Free Jaffa movement to gain power, masquerading as his own former First Prime. He was charismatic and very talented in martial arts (capoeira, it looks like) and would have won against Teal'c who challenged his leadership, had he not taunted the Jaffa with who he was.  He was then killed by Teal'c. Dead S05xE18: The Warrior
Ishkur Unknown A Goa'uld who ruled five millennia ago. Many of his Jaffa would later become Sodan. As they advanced through the ranks and became more involved in his service they realized that he was not a god, but an imposter. When Ishkur branded them traitors and ordered their deaths the Jaffa tried to fight against him, but they were outnumbered. A group of them set off into the galaxy to find Kheb, and later settled on P9G-844, calling themselves the Sodan. Unknown S09xE08: Babylon (mentioned)
Isis Unknown
The Goa'uld queen of Osiris. Isis and Osiris were imprisoned within canopic jars by their jealous brother, Seth. A millennia later, these jars were discovered in an archaeological expedition (the Stuart Expedition) and eventually transported to the Americas via a transport vessel. But the ship sank en route and the jar was damaged, breaking the stasis seal and killing Isis, the symbiote, within. Osiris' jar was preserved and he was set free by Dr. Sarah Gardner. The Isis Jar was obtained by the S.G.C., where it was opened. Inside, they found the perfectly preserved - but dead - symbiote of Isis. Dead S04xE13: The Curse (mentioned and seen dead)
Ja'din Unknown Underlord Goa'uld in the service of Cronus. Ja'din was a scientist who enjoyed watching her patients suffer while attempting to find new ways to make her god more powerful. She arrived in Cronus' mothership in orbit of Juna and began studying the captured duplicates of SG-1's Teal'c and Samantha Carter. Examining the decapitated body of the Dr. Jackson duplicate, Carter instructed her on how to remove its power casing, causing an explosion which killed Ja'din. Dead S04xE21: Double Jeopardy
Junior None (immature) 'Junior' is the name given by O'Neill to Teal'c's prim'ta. There are actually two 'Junior' - the one Teal'c had until his son Rya'c got him, some time mid 1 season, and the second 'Junior' which is the one Teal'c has until he begins using tretonin in late 6th season ('The Changeling'). We first see the first 'Junior' in the episode of SG-1, 'Children of the Gods'. The second 'Junior' is first seen in the first season episode 'Bloodlines'.
Junior saved Teal'c's life a multitude of times over the years the Jaffa maintained and incubated him, though it showed its hatred for him more than once. Eventually the final Junior was killed while trying to sustain the lives of both Teal'c and his master, Bra'tac after a horrific massacre on planet Kresh'ta.
Dead First junior (seen or mentioned):
S01xE01: Children of the Gods, S01xE04: The Broca Divide, S01xE09: Thor's Hammer, S01xE11: Bloodlines
Second junior (seen or mentioned):
S01xE13: Hathor, S01xE14: Singularity, S01xE18: Tin Man, S01xE21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, S02xE06: Thor's Chariot, S02xE07: Message In a Bottle, S02xE10: Bane, S02xE17: Holiday, S02xE20: Show and Tell, S02xE21: 1969, S03xE04: Legacy, S03xE08: Demons, S03xE14: Foothold, S03xE21: Crystal Skull, S04xE03: Upgrades, S04xE04: Crossroads, S04xE10: Beneath the Surface, S04xE14: The Serpent's Venom, S06xE04: Frozen, S06xE10: Cure, S06xE19: Changeling
Kali Unknown One of the Goa'uld System Lords, also known as "Kali the Destroyer." She and the System Lord Bastet are on fairly friendly terms. They once combined forces and made a treaty with the Goa'uld Sobek. They betrayed him, decapitating him during the celebratory feast. Kali once had an outpost on Cerador until it was attacked and destroyed by Anubis. She lost two motherships to him. Despite these losses, she was one of the System Lords who voted to have Anubis rejoin the hierarchy.May be alive, though if so, she is no longer a System Lord, as Ba'al was mentioned as being the last. Unknown S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand
Klorel Skaara Klorel is the son of Apophis and an unknown queen (Amaunet was still in a Jaffa - or was she temporarily back in one? We also do not know if she is only a royal queen or also a breeding queen). At the same time as Amaunet took Sha're as host, Klorel took her brother Skaa'ra as his host. Klorel was too young too always completely keep Skaa'ra surpressed and fought with him often. After the fall of Apophis, Klorel fled and crashed on New Tollana. Skaa'ra temporarily managed to get control and demanded a trial for right of use to the host body. Such a trial was held. Skaa'ra won and the Tok'ra removed Klorel and sent him to whatever planet he wanted. His current whereabouts is unknown. Unknown S01xE01: Children of the Gods, S01xE21: Within the Serpent's Grasp, S02x01: The Serpent's Lair, S03xE15: Pretense
Marduk Major Sergei Vallarin This Goa'uld was first mentioned in the episode 'Thor's Hammer', where Kendra said she had been captured by his forces and made a host to her Goa'uld. This must have happened many thousand years ago, since we later (in 'The Tomb') met Marduk who had been imprisoned in a sarcophagus for at least 2000 years. He was incredibly evil, even for a Goa'uld, and his priests had eventually locked him up in a sarcophagus with a creature that constantly ate from him - just as the sarcophagus continued to heal him. Eventually he took the creature as host and waited for a better host, when the sarcophagus was opened and he could escape. He got a human host and could again try to flee his ziggurat and grab the eye of Tiamat which was some gadget he really liked. He is presumed to have been killed when the ziggurat was collapsed. Probably dead S01xE09: Thor's Hammer (mentioned), S05xE08: The Tomb

Unknown This Goa'uld made the not very future-savvy choice to kill all female Jaffa children, since he only wanted men for his battles. The Hak'tyl ('liberation') and their leader, the Jaffa priestess Ishta, managed to save many of these female children. He was killed by a hell-fire missile. Dead S07xE10: Birthright (mentioned), S08xE09: Sacrifices

Unknown A minor Goa'uld who served Ra and, after his defeat, fell under Baal's leadership. His First Prime was Gerak. Unknown S09xE03: Origin
Morrigan Unknown Morrigan was a Goa'uld System Lord. At the Goa'uld summit, she voted to let Anubis rejoin the System Lords, though her forces later joined those of Yu in opposing him. Morrigan later surrendered to Ba'al rather than be destroyed by the Kull warriors. She is probably no longer a System Lord. She is known among the Goa'uld for using her human slaves to draw out information from the servants of her enemies. Alive? S05xE15: Summit, S05xE16: Last Stand, S07xE05: Revisions (mentioned), S08xE13: It's Good to Be King (the Tok'ra inform the SGC that Morrigan has capitulated to Ba'al)
Mot Unknown Mot was a Goa'uld who fought against Ba'al and was defeated some time in Earth's past, then went on to serve him as an underlord. He ruled over P4S-237 for a hundred years after Ba'al abandoned it, keeping the naquadah mining operation there from his master and taking the spoils as his own. (SG1: "Prophecy"). He plotted to overthrow Ba'al and take down the SGC to impress Anubis. Shot by a village girl, and is presumed dead. Probably dead S06xE21: Prophecy

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