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Tok'ra Kree!
Challenge community focusing on the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1
Plotbunnies: Any/OC 
26th-Feb-2013 22:27
Stargate Atlantis
This is the fourth post for plotbunnies and other ideas for Tok'ra related fiction. It covers prompts and plotbunnies where a specific Tok'ra hasn't been named. It also includes OC's.

Crossovers between Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe has been moved here.

Remember that these prompts are only suggestions and you can use as much or as little of them as you want. Feel free to mix and match whatever your Muse takes a liking to, or to use none of them.

Feel free to post any bunnies and/or short outlines you might have in the comments and we'll add them to this entry as soon as possible.

Any/OC Tok’ra

  • One or more of the Tok'ra follow Sam, Cam, and Daniel through the Stargate after Ba'al changed the timeline in Continuum.

  • The Tok'ra find either an Ancient Outpost or some Ancient Tech, and recognice it as such, and contact the Tau'ri to ask for their help. Specifically they want Jack to come since they know he has the ability to use it. Depending on which season you set this in they might get Sheppard and his team instead.

  • What do Tok’ra do when they’re "off duty"/on a typical day?

  • SG-1 goes to an alternative universe where the Tok’ra doesn’t exist. Show them how bad things would be without the Tok’ra.

  • Any canon blended pair and an OC blended pair. What if a symbiote must take a host that does not like their long time mate or is not attracted to him/her?     One idea is they start out in hosts of opposite genders but then one must take a new host that is the same gender as his/her mate's host and the hosts aren't comfortable with that kind of relationship. Another idea is that they just plain don't like each other but given that the host feels what the symbiote feels this may be harder to write. What would the symbiotes do in that situation? How do the hosts react to finding out about each other?

  • Cassie becomes a host for a Tok'ra. Cassie and her new symbiote have an awful choice to make, protect the Tok'ra from total destruction or save Janet. They cannot do both, it must be one or the other. If Janet must be sacrificed, can Cassie still remain a Tok'ra in her heart? If Janet is saved, will Cassie's symbiote still be able to accept her as a host? Will the Tok'ra banish the symbiote if Janet is saved, assuming any of them are left?

  • At some point in the past a Tok'ra or Goa'uld had a host with the ATA gene, he/she used a combination of Goa'uld and Ancient Technology to make a weapon and/or an outpost/lab that only someone with the same combination can use/get into. The host need to have the gene naturally, and only the host can use it as the symbiote doesn't have access.

  • The Tok’ra think Apophis is getting to powerful and want someone to infiltrate his ship. The problem is that he somehow got hold of a Tok’ra, or perhaps Tanith told him everything, but now Apophis knows what all the Tok’ra look like so no one can go undercover on the ship. The Tok’ra really needs someone on the inside. Their plan, since Apophis needs a new queen, is to somehow trade a Goa’uld symbiote (the new queen) for a Tok’ra symbiote. The only thing they need is someone that Apophis would want to be the host to his new queen; someone who has a lot of knowledge, for when the harcesis comes, so he would choose her. When Sam gets there, she finds Martouf/Lantash’s body and since she has a Sarcophagus handy... BTW-Col. O'Neill is somewhere else and Sam's dad doesn't know of the plan until it’s too late. It was Anise's plan. Surprise, surprise.

  • Some of the Goa'uld left on Earth after the Uprising gradually changed their view of humans and developed a similar view as the Tok'ra (kind of like Egeria, Garshaw, and Jolinar). How have they survived for the last 2 Millennia, and how do they find out about the Stargate Program?

  • A dig on Earth uncovers a stasis-jar, containing a Tok'ra queen-symbiote. One of the female members of the expedition (probably an OC) becomes her host. The archeological team does not know about the Stargate-project, but perhaps some of them knows Daniel Jackson and contacts him - there could have been strange technology or writing that does not quite match what they know, and he is known to like such things. How does the Tok’ra queen get reunited with the Tok’ra? Does the NID get involved and try to capture her?

  • An SG-team finds a sealed room containing several Jaffa, who immediately overpower the SG-team. One of the Jaffa has a queen symbiote which is ready to take a host. The Jaffa force the female SG-member to be her host. The Jaffa does not know anything about the queen-symbiote, except that she is the offspring of one of Ra's queens - Egeria, it turns out later. The queen-symbiote is Tok'ra - what happens more is up to the writer, but DON'T kill the new Tok'ra queen.

  • How do you think the SGC would have recruited hosts for the Tok’ra, and where would they go to look? Try Star Trek conventions or other Sci-Fi conventions. Sci-Fi fans wouldn't find the idea of hosting as weird or bad as military might.

  • It would be ironic if Jack fell in love with a Tok’ra, both the host and the symbiote, but not Freya/Anise. Jack must get relationship advice from Jacob/Selmak. Must take place after Jack becomes cynical of the Tok’ra but you can set it before the events of Frozen and Abyss if you like. It could also be written as a tag to Allegiance, your choice.

  • Time for the Tok'ra to learn a bit about earth - from experience! Must have Jacob Carter, Martouf, Garshaw, and any other Tok'ra you want to confuse. Things for SG1 to show them: 1. Supermarket shopping (with Daniel and Sam acting up, talking to cans, trolley racing, etc.) 2. A beach somewhere - swimming (let's pretend the Tok'ra don't know how to), surfing, typical beach stuff. 3. A nightclub. 4. Sam/Martouf but with a jealous Jack trying and failing to get Sam. 5. Find Daniel a new woman!

  • The Tok'ra talk down to the Tau'ri all the time and calling them primitive, BUT what if the Tok'ra get into a situation where they are not 'superior' and 'all-knowing' and only a human will get them out of it. The Tok'ra MUST NOT be able to find a quick and easy solution that means they don't have to contact the Tau'ri. The Tau'ri must gain awe and respect from the Tok'ra. The Tau'ri that can earn respect from the Tok'ra can include Jacob Carter as well as any other unblended Tau'ri. I would love to see the Tok'ra come to respect Jack O'Neill and vice versa.

  • In the fics I have read Sam Carter is always blended with one of the following Tok’ra: Jolinar, Selmak, Lantash, Egeria, Garshaw or an OC. So what if she was blended with another canon Tok’ra. I.e. Aldwin, Malek, Kanan, Anise, Ren'al, etc?

  • Sam is imprisoned by a Goa'uld. She shares her cell with a Tok'ra, who gets tortured almost to death. Sam becomes host to the symbiote.

  • Sam, Teal'c and Daniel leave their reality, which is ours, and goes to another after everyone and everything they know is destroyed by the Ori. They come to the new reality to find that they were just killed by Ba'al. This new reality doesn’t know about Atlantis (they haven't found it yet) or Anubis and the Replicators or the Ori.

  • Sam and the rest of SG1 plus Janet, Selmak/Jacob and Martouf/Lantash, Malek etc. Death Knell remake! What if Sam managed to escape by hijacking a glider that had landed but only managed to crash on another planet that had a Gate. Now you could go in so many different directions. One: Sam gates to another reality. Two: Is stuck there because the DHD is broken. Three: Happens to be a Tok'ra secret planet. Four: Planet that JUST so happens to have symbioets and Sam has to take one because she is dying and it happens to be one of many Tok'ra queens. Then of course depending which story line you pick up, well, then you could take it anywhere!

  • Sam, Martouf/Lantash. Remember the episode called "Seth?" The Tok’ra find out that Seth, a system lord, never left the Earth. What if, instead of Seth, they found out a Tok’ra queen, daughter of Egeria, had been imprisoned in a stasis jar in Death Valley in Egypt? What if, once there, the jar broke and Sam had to become host to the Tok’ra queen to save her life?

  • While Sam and Jack fish, Jack hooks a symbiote. It turns out to be Egeria's daughter... and Sam is her new host.

  • Egeria has hidden some queens somewhere. Who finds them? What happens then?

  • A Jaffa female [you choose] forming a friendship with a Tok'ra male [you choose]...

  • Janet/any Tok'ra, preferably Malek, Selmak, Delek, or Per'sus. A Tok'ra is on an exchange at the SGC and falls in love with Janet.

  • Challenge: Tin Tok'ra. What if, like tin man and the replicator Sam, there was a Tok'ra android wandering/gallivanting around the galaxy? What kind of life would he/she have without being in the Tok’ra community and without the limitations of the council's rules and methods? Story should include this character taking at least one action that the 'organic' version of them would be unable/unwilling to do. It should also involve a physical/mental feature which becomes both an asset and a liability to the character.

  • Time for O'Neill to fall in love with a Tok'ra! Perhaps they are stranded alone somewhere for a longer period of time and she rescues his life, or they have to help each other to survive, making him see past his irrational hatred. I'm sure it will be hard for him to admit, even to himself. He must end up in a relationship with the Tok'ra. Does he become a host to be with her longer? Author's choice!

  • SG-1, any Tok'ra. A group of SGC scientists, including Sam Carter, attend a science conference/presentation and bring a small group of Tok’ra along.  The subject turns out to be that someone thinks he has proved that it is impossible to travel to other planets, and that alien life forms are impossible and especially sentient alien life.

  • SG-1, any Tok'ra. Daniel touch a control device just as O'Neill stands at a platform with some sort of energy rods around it. O'Neill is transformed into a symbiote. The lab is destroyed somehow; Daniel may get some of the data. They are at least 10 km from the Stargate, through desert. There is no way to get a symbiote safely and alive back to the SGC or anywhere else unless it gets a host. Daniel becomes O'Neill’s host. They know it is O'Neill because he was sitting in his clothing. Because it is instinctual for symbiotes, O'Neill knows how to take a host. O'Neill is angry at Daniel and says Daniel is not going to get control again - ever.    The other, maybe the Tok'ra, tell O'Neill that he is a Goa'uld then. He gets even more angry/shocked but admits it would be wrong to keep Daniel from having control. Maybe some Daniel/O'Neill/Anise/Freya ship.

  • SG1, Janet, Hammond and all the Tok’ra. “Lost City”, part two. Let's say for argument sakes that SG1 couldn't get to the chair in time and Anubis did defeat Earth and only Sam and Daniel and Teal'c survive. They manage to escape through the Quantum Mirror and go to a reality where they are dead. That reality’s version of them has died at some point before their arrival. The time they come to is right before they gate to Nasya and are therefore able to save Jolinar and kill the Ashrak before he even leaves the planet. They are also able to save Egeria in time, as well as stop many other things. Of course how they get there and the struggles they encounter will be the question. How the alt. SGC handles seeing them will be up to you. How will the alt. Jack and Janet deal with having them back? Maybe Teal'c was never a part of the SGC.

19th-Aug-2015 09:50 (UTC)
Some plot bunnies from Tok'ra Resistance yahoo list!

-What if Q from Star Trek causes JR Bourne to end up in the same universe as Lantash (and maybe Martouf?) Or maybe Q messes with the timeline, turning all of the SG-1 actors + JR Bourne into their Stargate personae (and he get Lantash in the head, confusing him at first), but not only with the characters memories, but also with the memories of the actors? Wouldn't that be fun?

-Alternate mirror universe or something like that. My first image of JR Bourne becoming host is having the voice of Lantash in his head and wondering if he was losing his mind. Just imagine any of the actors walking off set and wondering why they can hear voices in their heads, that would be funny.

-One other image in my head is what if the Stargate reality was the same as this reality? What if Martouf and JR Bourne existed as some sort of 'cosmic twins'? What would happen if Martouf saw JR Bourne or vice versa? What if they met?

19th-Aug-2015 09:51 (UTC)
A cracky idea for a crossover with "The Bourne Legacy" and Stargate.

Bourne Quadrilogy: they now have both brainwashed killers, brainwashed killers who then commit suicide (like zatarcs), and supersoldiers (brainwashed, doped, and/or genetically engineered killers with enhanced speed/strength/senses/intelligence) + combinations + evil conspiracy.

What if:

Loki is involved (for cloning fun, and genetical engineering)

A Goa'uld (Amaterasu): she originally made the zatarcs of Stargate, but after the downfall of many of the Goa'uld, she fled to Earth and got involved making a different type of zatarc. With supersoldier-stuff added in, which she or someone else stole from Anubis, perhaps. Or just got the idea from him. Amaterasu (or other Goa'uld) of course has their own agenda, which you can pick freely.

Lets, just for the fun of it, say the enhancement the of the supersoldiers of the Bourne movies are made with symbiote DNA. Either a drug like tretonin, perhaps, or with genetic engineering.

Time for Stargate Command to find out. Maybe they capture one of the brainwashed killers/supersoldiers or maybe they find the data on them somehow. If they suspect a Goa'uld and Loki are involved, they will surely do something.

This is a Tok'ra list, so we need some Tok'ra involved. I don't know if this type of brainwashing will show up on zatarc-detectors, but let's just pretend it does. Then Tok'ra can get involved to test the brainwashees.

Or, you know, you can add in any Tok'ra you feel like. I don't care if they are supposedly dead or alive. Loki could have cloned them. Or cloned the ones that were killed. My only requirement here is that if you clone anyone, it has to be both host AND symbiote.

Not sure if there is much of any plot, but there is a conspiracy (including a Goa'uld and an Asgard), to be uncovered.

Since it is after the Goa'uld empire has started falling, and since this is a crossover, it should take place no earlier than 2002 (first of the movies in the Bourne quadrilogy). Probably no earlier than 2005 (eight season Stargate), since that would be late enough that it is clear the Goa'uld empire is falling.

So, anyone interested in this completely cracky crossover?
15th-May-2016 16:23 (UTC)
Was too late with this prompt so posting it here:

SG-1, SG-1, accidental timetravel
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